Bosh’s future in Toronto

ESPN posted an article today asking the experts (NBA observers) on where will certain 2010 free agents play in 2010-2011 season? Obviously Bosh is included and only 3 people (out of 52) think that Bosh will stay in Toronto, here is an excerpt (full article here

Most star players don’t leave, so the fact that only 5.8 percent of our panelists expect Bosh to stay in Toronto is telling, in one of two ways: Either our collective wisdom is seriously off-kilter, or we are correctly reading Bosh’s signals that he’s outta there.

Raptors fans had to be heartened by the enthusiasm Bosh showed when Toronto honcho Bryan Colangelo made his big moves this summer, particularly the acquisition of Hedo Turkoglu, and hopes are high for the kind of Orlando-like success that could convince Bosh that his fortunes lie in Toronto. And speaking of fortunes, let’s not forget that the Raptors can offer Bosh much more than other teams can.

That said, reports from behind the scenes have led many to believe that Bosh wants to leave and, in particular, that he wants to join up with James if possible. And Bosh’s public stance hasn’t inspired much confidence in his desire to wear Raptors red beyond this coming season, either, as he has expressed little passion about staying and has eschewed any attempts to get his autograph on a contract extension.

This much we know: A lot can happen between now and next summer to influence Bosh and the rest of the potential 2010 free agents. But our best guess right now is that Bosh is heading south. Sorry, Canada.

So what to make of this? Bleh, sorry I mean *Yawn*. I am not going to blame the folks in ESPN for putting up the article, or even blame them for hating Canada’s only team. But there is nothing new here, it’s just an opinion piece, which doesn’t matter in the end. If the Toronto Raptors can make it out of the first round, then Chris Bosh will probably stay as a Raptor, but if the Raptors can’t make it out of the first round then he won’t or more importantly, Bryan Colangelo wouldn’t want him around.

Colangelo has surround Chris Bosh with the most talented group of basketball players. Never in his career, Bosh has played with so much talent on hand. Now, I am not saying this will have a better record than the team in 06-07, since a lot of things are still unknown, but needless to say this supporting cast will take a lot of pressure off Bosh.  If Bosh can’t flourish and take the Raptors to the next level, then why would Colangelo give Bosh a max contract that he clearly doesn’t deserve? This contract will define the franchise for the next 5 years, and if signing Bosh wouldn’t come closer to achieve the ultimate goal (winning a championship), then the Raptors should find another way to do so.

A lot of people have said that Bosh will not come back in 2010, or he wnats to leave as soon as he can.   But they really didn’t think about the alternative; maybe it’s the Raptors Brass that doesn’t want him back, and if they are going to pay someone close to 100mil for the next 5 years, they better make sure they get the right guy.


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