Scouting Report: Andrea Bargnani

My second scouting report. This time it’s Andrea Bargnani. I won’t do many of these since there are so many new faces, I would like to watch the newcomers for a while before writing scouting reports.

Offense: His game is based on his jump shot, which is excellent. His jump shot setups pretty much everything he does (drives, shot fakes). He is quick and has an above average handles for his size, while he doesn’t have the lightning first step like Chris Bosh, he is still quicker than most bigs in the league. He has improved his back to the basket game; in the past he would rush his moves, but now he takes his time. Still would like to see him be more aggressive in that area and add more moves. He will be guarded by smaller players in the future, so it’s important to use his size to his advantage. He likes to throw no-look pass, which looks good but he throws it too hard, and often catches his teammates by surprise. He usually starts his offense at the top of the circle, where he can either shoot a 3 or starts his drive; he has an effective head and shoulder fake which draws fouls because he is such a good jump shooter. I would like to see him do more drive-pull up jumper, which is unstoppable for any defenders. Bargnani is also very good at running the floor in a fast break. He will never be a good offensive rebounder since he plays away from the basket and has poor rebounding instincts.

Defense: Bargnani is decent man to man defender, he moves his feet well and learn how to use his length, and get his share block shots that way. However, he is not strong enough to get good defensive position so bigger and stronger centers have their ways with him. Also, Bargnani is a horrendous help defender, he is never in proper position, and is always 2 steps late when he has to help. The Raptors were a bad team defending perimeter players, so having a center who’s a bad defender just makes things worse. His lack of strength hurts him on the boards as well, he couldn’t get in proper rebounding positions and again he doesn’t have good instinct for rebounds.

Summary: If Bargnani can get about 36-38 minutes, he can average 20 points and 7 boards, shoot about 45% from the field and 40 % from the 3 point line. Basically, he is Memhet Okur, a good player but not an all-star. I also thinks he is much better suited playing PF than C, since his weakness (lack of strength, rebounding) doesn’t hurt as much when he plays PF. Perhaps this can happen if Bosh leaves after the 2009-2010 season.


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2 Responses to “Scouting Report: Andrea Bargnani”

  1. brothersteve Says:

    Not a bad assessment of where Bargs stands at the moment.

    Should remember he’s still very young and still has the potential to develop further in all aspects of his game.

    Being “Memhet Okur” in your third season is not a bad level to have achieved.

    More is expected this year!

  2. Seeten Says:

    Mehmet Okur doesn’t routinely drop 20 a night.

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