More about the 08-09 Pacers vs 09-10 Raptors

I got some pretty strong reactions after the previous article regarding how I compare the current roster of the Toronto Raptors to 08-09 Indiana Pacers. There are lots of people disagreeing with me, which is expected. So I just want to use this post to clear some stuff up.

I am comparing the roster not the results. I have stated that the Pacers was hit by injuries; and they still finish 36 wins. How many teams can lose their 2nd best player for 60+ games, his replacement for more than 20 wins and their best player for 14 games, and still won 36 games?

I want to add this too. These Pacers beat the Cavs, Orlando, Lakers, Boston and Denver in the regular season. I am not aware of another non-playoff team that has wins over the top 5 teams.

And as I have stated in the article, if the Pacers was healthy last season, they would have won at least 45 games. If the Raptors win 45 games this year, I think a lot of us will be happy.

One more point I want to make:

I am aware of Dunleavy’s injury, and mentioned it in my comparison. Look at their game when healthy, they are very similar. If you think they are so different, please tell me what aspect is different. Turk is lucky that he played on some good teams, and played with some great players. If Turk is so good, why hasn’t he made the all-star team? Let’s be realistic here, Turkoglu is a good player, but he is not a great player that a lot of people seem to think he is.


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2 Responses to “More about the 08-09 Pacers vs 09-10 Raptors”

  1. brothersteve Says:

    Okay, so you got strong reactions.
    Approve them already!

    The point of making strong statements is to generate discussion and create interest in your blog. If you are not going to show the comments that oppose you, why bother making the statement in the first place.

    I agree with some of your points here, but that doesn’t mean at certain positions the Raps aren’t better that this still.

    Let the debate finally start – It will help your blog!

    • pchu1234 Says:

      Actually, I did approve all the comments on my blog. Some of the posters didn’t post on the blog; they post it on some other websites. It’s hard to approve people when they don’t comment on the blog.:)

      I love to generate discussion and this is the point of having a blog. We are all fans here, so I love to hear from everyone with a different opinion.

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