What have I learned in the preseason

I learned that:

– The only 6th man of the year award Marco Belinelli has a chance of winning will be in the WNBA. Ok, maybe the NBDL. Anyway, he hasn’t impressed anyone so far. He is way too trigger happy and streaky to be effective and his defense isn’t very good.

– DeMarr DeRozan can be an effective NBA player on offense this season. He isn’t afraid to take contact and go to the free throw line and he hit his free throws, which is something he didn’t do well in college. If he can bulk up, be more selective with his shot and pass the ball once in a while, he has an outside shot of being in the NBA first rookie team. However…

– DeMarr DeRozan will struggle badly on defense. That really isn’t a surprise since most rookies struggle on D. But with the Raps D being what it is, I think DeRozan would be better suited in the 2nd unit.

– The D still sucks. I don’t mind the ‘pack the paint’ mentality, but the rotation is very slow, we are giving teams way too many open jumpers. The team’s help D is almost non existent. What makes Boston such a great defensive team is their help defense, they are so quick getting to the 3 point line that the opposing team has no chance of getting an open look. If we are going to double every time someone drives to the paint, we better have that rotation set.

– I am worried about our starting unit. They have not looked good. Maybe it’s because everyone is going at half speed, or maybe some of them are working back in shape. But I am a little disappointed right now.

– This is not new, but maybe Bosh and Bargnani isn’t really compatible to each other. Bosh gain some weight but he is not going to be Dwight Howard anytime soon. He will still get push around by bigger players and Bargnani is softer than a box of kleenex. Both guys would be better suited to playing beside someone who is stronger and better on defense. Yes they are good on offense, but that’s the easy part. It’s the defense that I am worried about. Neither of them are great help defenders, Bosh is better than Bargnani in that regard. Anyhow, if the Raps don’t make it past the first round of the playoffs this year, it maybe time to breakup the tandem.



2 Responses to “What have I learned in the preseason”

  1. Lu Galasso Says:

    Quick correction: “DeMar” only has one “r”.

    I expect nothing from Belinelli and am worried about the defense, too. And yes, although I like both Bosh and Bargs, I dont think they fit together long-term.

  2. khandor Says:

    You’re on solid ground with your observations of the Raptors during the pre-season, to this point.

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