Post Game thoughts

Raptors win!!! Raptors win!!! We won’t go 0-82, at the very worst 1-81…

Anyway, it’s a great game if you are a Raptor fan, horrible one if you are Cleveland. Here are some notes:

– This is my first time using NBA League Pass Broadband watching the game. The quality is good, and I can switch to other games once there is a break. They have it for free right now till next Tues, so go check it out.

– Did anyone see Shaq bringing out a 2 by 4 and ask his teammate to spank him during the introduction? I just want to confirm this; not sure if the league pass thing is playing tricks on my eyes.

– Impressive debut by DeRozan, hit a couple of jumpers, rebound the ball well, didn’t embarrass himself on defense, has a block shot and a steal. Very solid. Lots of energy, which is what he needs to provide in the starting 5.

– The Raptors camera crew has to be the worst in the NBA. They were showing Brian Burke on TV then Colangelo, while the play is going on. This is nothing new, they have been doing this for years. They always manage to miss simple things like this. If the basketball is in play, then the camera should follow the play. I don’t need to see Bryan Colangelo looking intense. I want to see the bloody game!!!

– If you tell me that the Raptors shoot 5-16 from downtown, Calderon missing two free throws and only shooting 1 of 6, and we still win the game, I will call you crazy. But it happen, so kudos.

– The D is good for the most part, so we will see if they can keep it up.

– Is there anyone else who wish the game was over at half-time?

– This is to Cav fans: Why would Mike Brown play 2 bigs (Z and Shaq) together at the same time? I wouldn’t think they would be dumb enough to do it before the season, they tried against Boston yesterday and it didn’t work. Tried it in the 2nd quarter, failed horribly. Then when they have all the momentum in the world, they went back to it in the fourth. The Raptors went on a run that pretty much turn the game around. If there is a turning point, this is it. I hate to harp on it, they have success playing small ball, so why go away from that? Shaq and Z look horribly slow, they can’t run up and down the floor, they don’t want to come out to the perimeter. It’s bad enough to play one of them, but playing both of them at the same time? Just insanity.

– Wright proved his defensive value by drawing 3 charges. He really shouldn’t be shooting, but his defense is the reason why he is still playing in the league

– Cleveland made a strong run in the third, as expected. All good teams do this. It’s how you respond to runs that makes the difference. But they look pretty disjointed on offense right now. No ball movements, Shaq looks like he is 1000 years old. It will probably take some time to adjust, so they should be ok. We will see how they are doing in a month.

– It could be just me, but it seems like the refs were doing their part in making this a close game. Some awful calls in the 4th quarter.

– Didn’t realize Hedo has 3 block shots tonight. Good debut for Turk!

The good from the Raptors:

– Bargnani looks great on offense. Foul trouble keep him from playing more, but he looks very confident, and keep his team in the game early on when Bosh is struggling.

– We will have to monitor this. Bosh’s offseason weight training program may actually do some good. He’s in good rebounding position, and didn’t get push off. So we will have to see how he will do in future games.

– The Raptors went to the line 37 times.

– LBJ had an off game tonight, going 7-19 from the field and missing 6 free throws. An off game for Bron means a triple double. That’s how good he is.

What to work on:

– Help D rotation. The Cavs were getting wide open looks in the third, and that’s how they tied the game up.

– Work on your jumpers Jarrett Jack.

Overall great win.

I won’t be here tomorrow and Friday to do preview and post game for the Memphis game. Needless to say, the Grizzlies do have some players that can hurt the Raptors. Guys like Randolph, Gay and Mayo can drop 20 points at any time. So D up!!!

I will be going to the ACC for the next 2 home games, starting Sunday against Vince Carter and the Orlando Magic.




One Response to “Post Game thoughts”

  1. Lu Galasso Says:

    The Shaq intro thing did indeed happen. I was at the game and saw it on the big screen.

    I can’t imagine Mike Brown will continue to play Z and Shaq together. Then again, he is Mike Brown.

    -Lu Galasso

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