Game Preview: Detroit Pistons vs Toronto Raptors

It’s too silly to say ‘a must win’ this early in the season. But there are a lot of things here that the Raptors should take advantage of:

1) Tayshaun Prince and Richard Hamilton are both out with injuries. They are not in the lineup tonight against the Magic.

2) The Pistons is going to play the 2nd game of the back-to-back. With the injuries, they will be tired. The Raptors will be well rested.

Also, the Raptors are going on a tough 3 game road trip starting on Friday, so they should have plenty of motivation to win.

Key to a Raptor win:
– Stop Gordon and Charlie V from scoring. Charlie V loves playing against his old team and he will be very motivated. Charlie V is currently having a bad start, he is not getting a lot of playing time and looks like he’s lost on defense.

– Calderon has to play better on both ends. He has to make shots on offense and contain Stuckey on defense.

– Attack, attack and attack. The Pistons are using Ben Wallace as their starting center, if it’s Ben Wallace 5 years ago, it may be relevant, but now he is no longer a defensive force. So the Raptors have to attack with their quickness. Jump on them early, it’s better to play with a lead.

Let’s hope they can get to 2-2.



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