Post Game Thought: Hornets vs Raptors

Impressive. This is the most impressive win by the Raptors this season. The offense is flowing, the threes are falling and the defense did the job for the most part. This equals a surprisingly easy win against the Hornets.

A couple of thoughts:

– Byron Scott could be the first coach fired in the current NBA season. His team was disinterested on defense, their body language was horrible and they are off to a slow start. The Hornets did lose to the Nuggets at home in an embarrassing fashion in the playoffs last season. Not too many coaches can survive that and Scott looks like he is losing his players. If things don’t improve soon, he is gone.

– Did you know Chris Paul could have been a Raptor? Paul was the 4th pick overall in the 2005 draft. Portland had the #3 pick but was looking to trade down to get Martell Webster. Apparently there is an offer made the Blazers to the Raptors for the 7th and 16th pick, but Rob Babcock refused. Instead, the Blazers took Utah’s offer which is 6th, 27th and a late first round pick in the 2006 draft. Obviously, the 7th and 16th picks would be a much better package for the Blazers. Really if Babcock knows what he is doing, we could have CP3 playing with CB4. Damn it!

– This is the best game Jose has played this season. He was hitting his jumpers, and making plays. He was also decent on defense; it’s true that Paul has a big game, but Paul is awesome, no one person can guard him. Jose played him pretty tough, and Paul has to work to get his.

– Last season, the Raptors have the worst wing production in the NBA, this honor could got to the Hornets this season. They badly need someone on the wing who can create a bit. Mo Pete is looking really bad, and while I like Julian Wright, he is not really an offensive player. Peja’s contract is an albatross and Posey is a nice player to have but can’t create his own shots either.

Keys to the win:

– Raining 3s. We shoot the ball so well, in the third quarter that the Hornets can’t come back from it. When you shoot 14-29, you should win most games.

– No let down. The Raptors had big leads against the Cavs and the Pistons, but blew it. Not tonight. The Raptors kept attacking and didn’t let up.

– CB4. Perfect from the field. He is having a great start once again, and I am hoping he keep it up all season long.

This is a big win. Now let’s hope they can go in Dallas and get a win there, I don’t remember when the Raptors won in Dallas, but I know it’s been a very long time.




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