Post Game; Utah Jazz vs Toronto Raptors

No surprise here….

Remember the game last Wed vs the Bulls? The Bulls went ice cold in the fourth quarter and can’t hit anything. Same thing happen to the Raptors.

The Raptors played their typical crappy first quarter. Looking like a team wanting out of Utah asap. Then they start to chip away and cut it to 9 at half time.

They start the 3rd with some momentum and the Jazz was in a lull. The Jazz is an excellent rebounding team, but not in the 2nd half, the Raptors got to all the loose ball, and hung around despite shooting a pretty bad percentage.

They actually got within two, and they have many chances to make another run. They got to so many offensive rebounds, the problem? They can’t make a shot. You are not going to win if you can’t make wide open shots.

Of course, it would be good for the Raptors to actually compete from the start, that way maybe they can still win a game despite poor shooting.

Bosh had another great game, Belinelli is good off the bench again and I am loving Amir Johnson right now. Someone has to wake up Bargnani on the road. He is not a road warrior this season. He has to be the guy who pick up the slack when Bosh is on the bench, but he isn’t.

Keys to the game:

– Slow start. Someone has to be the energizer bunny in the starting unit. Someone has to say I am coming out of the gate with energy. Someone has to be a leader here, I haven’t seen that yet.

– Bad shooting night. Well you are not going to win many games when you shoot like this in the 4th quarter. I know it’s tough to play 3 games in 4 nights on the road, but good teams fight through it. The Raptors are not a good team until they can show some mental toughness.

The Raptors will now come home for 3 games starting Fri against Miami. They say the first home game back from a long road trip is always the toughest one. So the Raptors have to come out with energy against the Heat. If they are off to a slow start, they won’t win the game, especially with DWade around.




One Response to “Post Game; Utah Jazz vs Toronto Raptors”

  1. Vic De Zen Says:

    I’m more excited Amir Johnson than anyone else on the team right now, save Bosh.

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