Post Game: Charlotte Bobcats vs Toronto Raptors

Disgusting, embarrassing, listless, humiliating…

Losing 35 points to Denver Nuggets is one thing but losing 35 points to the Bobcats? Look, I am not disrespecting the Cats here, but they are the Charlotte Bobcats. They shouldn’t be scoring 116 points. There is little to no effort here tonight; I don’t care it’s a back to back game, they just didn’t show up.

Every player should be blamed for this, the coaching staff as well, for whatever reason, they can’t get the players to go out and play with effort in the 2nd half. Just disgusting.

I have to confess that I turned this thing off after the Raptors were down 17 points, why should I watch if they are not even trying?

Keys to the loss:

– Turnovers. The Bobcats played good defense, and the Raptors are extremely careless with the ball. These turnovers turns into fast break points.

– Effort. It just comes down to this. The Cats have it, the Raptors don’t. It’s simple. They Raptors packed it in when goings get tough.

This is the kind of loss that each player should take a good look at themselves in the mirror. Shameful.




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