Monthly review, and looking ahead

7-11. To be honest, it’s not the worst record in the world, with 9 new players and a tough schedule, a .500 record would be too optimistic. Obviously, the worry is how they get to the 7-11 record. They lost 3 straight games, the defense haven’t show any signs of improvement and the offense seems to slow down just a tad, and that is deadly for this team since they can’t win by playing defense.

Best Player of the month: Chris Bosh. A monster November. He is the best player and leader of this team. There are nights that he’s carrying his team on his shoulder. I shudder to think what would the team be without him.

Worst Player: Antoine Wright. I know he is worthless on offense, but he hasn’t impressed me all that much on defense either. Like his teammates, he is running around like a headless chicken on that end. The problem is that Wright is such a detriment on offense, that he has to be a great defender to justify his playing time. I hope Triano sees this and give Wright’s playing time to Sonny Weems.

Worst defensive player: Tough call, because they are so many of them. I say a tie between Bargnani and Calderon. Jose can’t guard a chair, and Bargnani has to be the worst help defender in the league. It’s real telling when of all people, Hedo Turkoglu has to yell at Bargnani about helping out on defense. Jose has always been a horrible defender, but he usually compensate on the offensive end. Right now he is not playing well on that end either. He has horrible instinct on defense and anyone with two feet can get by him.

Best defender: Well, I am going to give it to Bosh. He seems to be the only one who actually care to play defense at times. He is the best defensive rebounder on the team and his added strength has make him more effective to guard bigger players.

Worrying Trend: If the Raptors can keep the opposite team under 100 points, they win. They haven’t lost one game when that happened, unfortunately this only happened only 5 times all year. That’s 5 out of 18 games, which should tell you all about the non-existent defense.

What can be done: The problem with this roster is that we don’t really have a 2-way player. A guy who is good at both offense and defense. Bosh is probably the only one. If Jack can shoot better, then he will be another one. But most of the players on roster are either good on defense, horrible on offense or vice versa. So unless a trade can be made, we are stuck with this team.

Best 5 man unit according to

Worst 5 man unit according to

Look ahead in December:
The schedule isn’t as tough for December. The Raptors will face a lot of teams from the Eastern Conference, only 3 games against the West. 8 games at home and 7 games on the road. Now, they will have 4 sets of back to back this month, hopefully they can respond better. By my count, they have 4 really tough games (Two Atlanta game, and Miami/Orlando back to back on the road). So the Raptors, if they play their cards right, they can get a win streak going.

Let’s hope so, for my sake.



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