Post Game: Minnesota Timberwolves vs Toronto Raptors


This is one of the more boring games I have seen this year. Brick after brick after brick, if you like to see good shooting, well this was not the game for you.

The Raptors won despite shooting a season worst 32%. This has to be a team record or something like that. They won because 1) The Wolves are horrible. They shoot 37%. 2) The Raptors went to the line 48 times, a season high. The 3 point streak was in jeopardy for a long period until Bargnani hit a 3 with 5 minutes left in the 4th qurater, and then Antoine Wright hit one late to seal the game.

It wasn’t pretty, but the Raptors grind it out. Got to give them credit, the offense wasn’t flowing but they still played passable defense, combine with the fact that Minnesota looked more like a NBDL team than a NBA team, the Raptors stole a win.
Jose Calderon was out for tonight’s game, I am hoping that he will play tomorrow because I don’t want to see Marcus Banks ever dressing in a Raptor uniform. The ball movement was dead once he’s on the court. If Jose is out tomorrow as well, they should consider putting Bellinelli as a PG and have Hedo helping out as well.

Keys to the win.

– Defense. Third straight game where the Raptors actually competed at that end. That results in 3 straight wins. Easy right?

– CB4 dominance. 21 and 16 for Bosh tonight, the team struggled when he was out of the game. I am surprised that the Wolves didn’t double him more especially the Raptors were struggling to shoot the ball tonight. A good team would have done that.

– Aggressive. Again, the Raptors was more aggressive than the Wolves tonight. Going to the free throw line 48 times. DeRozan is looking better and better each game. He still needs to work on his handle but he plays hard, and is very willing to get to the free throw line.




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