Post game: Milwaukee Bucks vs Toronto Raptors

Just when you thought they turn the corner, they lose 2 straight games.

Both are winnable games, have a chance in the 4th quarter, but they can’t hit the key shots, made the key stop nor get the key rebound.

What’s wasted here is an enormous game by Chris Bosh. 44 points 12 rebounds, no one in Milwaukee could stop him, only his teammates
did by not giving him the ball.

Keys to the loss:

– Offensive rebounds. The Bucks crashed the boards, and the Raptors didn’t boxed out. 17 offensive boards, that’s not good.

– 3 pointers against. Again, I am tired of saying this, but we got killed by the 3 again. The offensive rebounds often led to open 3 point shots by the Bucks.

– One man army. The starting unit didn’t do much to help Bosh. DeRozan only has 2 points, and Bargnani was 4-13.

I am hoping for a Friday win, I will be there at the ACC.




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