Bosh vs Bynum, DeRozan and Turkoglu heroics

The most interesting subplot about yesterday’s game is the Andrew Bynum vs Chris Bosh matchup. Bosh didn’t guard Bynum much, but Bynum did guard Bosh. I thought he did a pretty good job for the most part. He didn’t foul Bosh (in fact Bosh never went to the FT line all game, a true rarity), it took 17 shots for Bosh to score 18 points, so that’s as good as the Lakers would have hope for in this match up. Bynum has great size and has soft touch around the basket. He also has a good back to the basket game and soft hands. While Gasol is more craftier with his post game, Bynum definitely has an edge in terms of him being stronger. And the most important thing? He is only 22 and still learning.

The Bosh for Bynum trade rumor is just that, a rumor. I really don’t see it happening. Colangelo is not going to move Bosh before the trade deadline unless he asked for a trade. And why would the Lakers give up a 22 year old center (who can be the best center in the league) for possibly 3 months of Bosh. It’s not like the Lakers can’t win a championship with this lineup, why take a chance?

However I can see this trade being made in the off-season, if the Lakers couldn’t win the championship with Bynum and decide to do a sign and trade with Toronto for Chris Bosh. It would make more sense for both teams, the Lakers would know they have a long term service with Bosh while Toronto would do this trade if Bosh is leaving, and getting them a young center.

DeMar’s rough day and his future

Let’s just be blunt about it, Kobe schooled DeRozan last night.

It’s not pretty to watch, at times I thought Triano must be a masochist to have DeRozan guarding Kobe Bryant. Maybe it will benefit the rookie eventually, but I was cursing at Triano for putting a rookie in this position.

If you forget about last night, DeRozan has been playing decent basketball. He tries hard, he is getting more confident with his jumper, he stands his ground on defense for the most part. He reminds me a lot of Josh Howard in a couple of aspect. Both are incredibly athletic, and Howard is more of a midrange shooter, which is what DeRozan is. I doubt DeRozan will become an ace ball-handler, but Howard isn’t exact a great one either.

If you look at their freshman stats in college, they are very similar. Howard did come out of college after his senior season, so he came out with more seasoning and poise.

DeRozan is still trying to figure what he is doing a lot of times. He was driving in the lane but didn’t know what he’s going to do when he saw help coming. This is the part of game DeRozan could improve, passing the ball. When he drives, he is looking to score 99 times out of 100.

But DeRozan’s future maybe at SF like Howard, and it might fit him better. He has a lot of weakness in his game as a SG (Jump shot range, handles, passing) but those weaknesses wouldn’t be as severe if he plays SF. He has the length and athletic ability to play SF, and he would play closer to the basket (in theory), and his issues wouldn’t be as glaring.

Turkoglu heroics.

In a funny way, his shooting slump may have won the game for the Raptors last night.

If you watched the entire game, you would see Turkoglu was passing up shots. There were moments where he had an open look, but he refused to shoot it. In fact, he has only attempted 6 FG last night, you could see clearly he doesn’t have any confidence in his jumper.

When he got the ball in the dying seconds of the game, I was hoping he wouldn’t try to shoot his trademark step-back three. If he was more confident, he would have. Instead, he drove to the basket, draw the foul and make the free throws. In other words, the right play.



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