Post Game: Indiana Pacers vs Toronto Raptors

Hedo Turkoglu left the game playing only 1 minute because of an injury.

The Raptors turn the ball over 14 times.

The Raptors made only 10 of 16 from the FT line.

And the Raptors still manage to score 117 Points in the game. This should tell you a lot about the offense and well, the Indiana defense.

The Pacers started a small lineup against the Raptors, with Granger playing as a PF. The upside is that they create a lot issues for the Raptor defense. Of course, the downside is that the Raptors dominated inside. Granger spent most of the game in foul trouble, and never got into a grove. So basically, by going small, the Pacers neutralize their best offensive weapon. Way to go.

Huge game from Bosh, taking advantage of the small lineup. 26 points 15 boards and 7 assists, only 1 turnover. This is MVP numbers. Amir Johnson had another strong game, 12 points and 8 boards, only 1 foul. So he got to finish the game instead of Bargnani. Antoine Wright stepped in for Turkoglu and had another good shooting game, his 3rd in a row.

The Pacers did come back from a 16 point deficit to tie the game at 96-96. They shoot a lot of 3s and have a lot of good shooters. Luther Head had some of the worst shot selection I have seen, but he’s also very streaky. He was hitting his shot tonight. The Pacers though, can’t play D, the Raptors can get any shot they wanted.

Keys to the win:

– Great ball movement. The Raptors had 32 assists, and ended up shooting over 60% from the field.

– Defense in the fourth. The Pacers tied the game 96-96 with 7:59 left in the game but could only score 6 points after that.

– Balance scoring. Even with big game for Bosh, 6 other Raptors scored with double figures.

This is the first half of the home and home series, the second half will be in Indiana. Last time the Raptors was there, the Pacers coming back from a 23 point deficit for the win. So the Raptors should have some motivation to win there.

5 wins in a row, let’s hope for 6.

26-22. Ball!



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