Post Game: Indiana Pacers vs Toronto Raptors (Part Deux)

All good things do come to an end, but bad news always come in twos.

The Raptors didn’t look like the team that went 10-5 in January. Instead, they looked more like the team earlier in the season, losing 130-115 to the Pacers.

It’s a horrible night for the Raptors on defense, they couldn’t make any stops especially in the 2nd half. The Pacers basically got either a field goal or a free throw attempt every possession in the latter half of the game. The bad habits they picked up earlier came back to bite them.

Of course, Jose’s injury just the icing on the cake of a horrendous night. Jose was playing well, he and Amir Johnson continued to have great chemistry together. Man, this hurts.

Give the Pacers credit, they attacked instead of settling jump shots like most nights. Maybe they should look into canning Jim O’Brien. They put Granger back into his natural spot at SF, and instead of trying to hit the long range shots, they took their time and attacked the Raptors. From the first possession of the game onwards, they never relented.

Keys to the Loss:

– Can’t give up 130 points and expect a win. Especially on the road. The defense is just horrendous tonight. This is the worst I have seen Jack played in quite some time.

– Turnovers. Instead of slowing things down on offense, they rushed. 16 turnovers tonight. It has been an issue for the last couple of games as well. They got to clean that up.

– Fouls. I thought they were too aggressive near the end of the third quarter, getting Pacers to the line for a bunch for free throws. And they made 33-35 tonight.

The Nets are in town tomorrow, which should be an easy win. But you don’t play the game on paper, the team’s defense better showed up tomorrow night and hopefully some healthy bodies too.




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