Post Game: New Jersey Nets vs Toronto Raptors

TGIN. Thank God It’s Nets.

With three regulars out, and a fourth one playing with a flu (Jack), the Raptors could use all the help they can get to win this one. And Christmas came early, as the Nets strolled into town.

The Raptors started out well, but the offense looked stagnant in the second quarter, Belinelli was back to his inconsistent self again and Amir Johnson was hampered by foul troubles.

Basically, the game was very close until the last 2 minutes of the third quarter, where the Raptors started to take control and the Nets self-destruct.

The Nets in the meantime could become the worst team in history. I like Brook Lopez’s offensive game, but I didn’t realize he is such a bad defender. He wasn’t even trying half the time. The rest of the team, just seem to be confused on most offensive sets. Nice to see Hump back, and he definitely gave the Nets a lift. I would start him ahead of Yi, but that’s just me.

Keys to the Win:

– Balance Scoring. Everyone in the starting lineup scored double figures in the game. Bosh and Bargnani had a tough shooting game for the most part, but the other guys like Wright and Weems stepped up. Not to mention a gutsy effort by Jarrett Jack, who wasn’t 100%, but played like a warrior tonight.

– 3 point shot. Raptors shot 10/19 from downtown. They needed those early to stay close.

– It’s the Nets. They are a terrible team. They folded like a cheap suitcase in the fourth quarter. Terrible spacing, careless turnovers, mind boggling shot selection.

Well the Raptors will get a much needed 4 days off until the next game. Hopefully, two or all of the injured players will be ready for Sunday’s game. My hunch is that Turk and DeRozan will play, but Calderon won’t.




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