Is there a trade out there for the Raptors?

With the trade deadline 3 days away, I am sure a lot of Raptor fans are wondering if Colangelo will make a move to improve his team. Is there a trade out there that would make sense for this team?

Every team could use a tweak or improvement, the Raptors are no exception. This team could use some improvement with rebounding (though Evans is back, you can’t expect him to do everything on that end) and some consistent scoring at the SG spot.

Let’s look at the Raptors roster and see which player can be traded.

Bosh/Bargnani are untouchable. I don’t see them trading Turkoglu (no team will want Hedo’s contract either), DeRozan and Jack either. So the starters are pretty much safe from any trades.

Then there is Jose Calderon. He has the skills and the contract of a starting point guard, and he is coming off the bench right now. He is pretty much the best trade asset for the Raptors, but I am not sure about his value right now. What makes Calderon difficult to trade is that most teams that are willing to give up quality players are looking to shed salary. Calderon has 3 years left in his contract, so I don’t think teams are lining up for his service.

Then there are other players, Amir Johnson isn’t going anywhere this year, Weems and Wright seems to be the Raptors’ defensive duo. They were looking to trade Wright but with his improve shooting, I am not sure that’s happening anymore.

So we are down to Belinelli, Rasho, Marcus Banks, Reggie Evans and POB. What can you get with any of them?

I don’t see the Raptors making any big moves. If there is a trade for Marcus Banks (expiring contract), then Colangelo will make a move. But again, with so many teams struggling with finance, not sure a deal like that will happen. And the Raptors have already traded away their first round pick to Miami, so that option is not available either.

So more than likely, the Raptors will be a spectator in his trade deadline, and that’s not necessary a bad thing. The Raptors are playing at a high level right now, so why mess with a good thing?


3 Responses to “Is there a trade out there for the Raptors?”

  1. Morning Coffee Feb 16 | Slam Dunking Says:

    […] New Leisure Blog So we are down to Belinelli, Rasho, Marcus Banks, Reggie Evans and POB. What can you get with any of them? […]

  2. c'mon, man Says:

    banks doesn’t have an expiring contract. one more year.

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