Season Ticket Meet and Greet/Would you trade your depth away?

Went to a season ticket holder meet and greet today.  They will do a couple more of these next week as well.  It’s a fun atmosphere, seems like lots of season ticket holders are in very good mood regarding the team.  Free drinks and food didn’t hurt either.

Lots of team personnel there as well.  All the sales reps were there, I saw Richard Peddie there, talked to Jim Kelly, but didn’t even realize he was Jim Kelly (just thought he looked familiar).  And of course Bryan Colangelo is there as well.  Colangelo is like a Godfather at these events, everyone wants to talk to him and he is very gracious, chatting with fans, signing autographs and taking pictures.  Yes, I did have a picture taken with BC.

Many folks tried to see if there is anything happening at the trade deadline, of course Colangelo is a master of saying nothing even if you think he is saying something worthwhile.  He even said to one fan: “What do you want me to tell you?  We are getting Kobe and LeBron?”
He even answered some questions regarding Bosh’s future, and he said that he is doing his best to surround Bosh with talent so he will stay here.  Basically, nothing new.  But it’s nice to see the man himself taking some time to see the paying customer.

Matt Devlin was there, didn’t talk to him though I heard he’s very friendly.  Also, Sonny Weems, DeMar DeRozan and Patrick O’Brien were there as well.  I didn’t talk to them, I was busy talking to some members of the dance pak.

Got some tidbits about what they are going to do for the playoffs from sales rep.  Should be exciting.

Would you trade your depth away?

I am not starting a rumor here, just a hypothesis.

If you are Bryan Colangelo and a team (let’s say Philly) offers you Andre Igoudala, but you have to give up DeRozan, Amir Johnson, Antonie Wright and probably another piece to match the salary.  Would you do it?

I ask the question to a couple of friends, and a lot of them seems very reluctant to trade away the depth which has been so good for us, and probably the biggest reason why we are winning right now.

Before the season, I said that the team’s depth will carry the Raptors to the playoffs.  So far, it’s true.  But depth is usually not as valuable in the playoffs, since lots of teams plays their best players more minutes.  So would it be a good idea to sacrifice the depth to get one really good player and prepare for the playoffs?  If an offer like that presents itself, I am sure Colangelo will have to think long and hard about it.  I have a feeling he would pull the trigger though.   So I want to hear the Raptor fans’ opinion on this, would you trade your depth for a quality starter?



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