Post Game: Philadelphia 76ers vs Toronto Raptors

Well, that wasn’t pretty.

Things that haunted this team since the all-star break, comes back and bite them again. Defense and turnovers.

Even with Chris Bosh back in the lineup, the Raptors played a very sloppy game and deserved to lose. Give 76ers a lot of credit for making some tough shots in the 4th quarter when the Raptors went on a mini run. They usually do close out teams that well, but today is a good day for them. They make their 3 pointers and took advantage of the turnovers.

Bosh wasn’t 100% or anywhere near that. Got a double double, but this is a game where they need him to be the franchise player, instead of just being an ok player. Maybe he didn’t have a lot of strength after the stomach flu he got on Friday (I had similar episodes before, it takes a while to be 100%, basically you shouldn’t eat any solid food for at least a couple of days). Hopefully, his ankle didn’t bother him too much.

Keys to the Loss:

– Defense. I don’t want to sound like a broken record. If they want to make a run at the postseason, they have to play better on defense. Much better.

– 3s. Philly made their 3s and the Raptors couldn’t stop them. I think the strategy was to pack the paint and give Philly the 3 point shots, since they are not a good shooting team. That didn’t work at all, partly because the Raptors gave them wide open looks, and once 76ers start hitting those shots, they got more confidence and couldn’t miss. Thaddeus Young with 32 points, 3/4 from downtown; he shoots 33 person from 3 pointer this year.

– Turnovers. Once again, the Raptors rushed their offense. Lots of careless turnovers, and if you give Philly these turnovers, they will make you pay and they did.

Overall, a bad loss. They needed this win before going out on the West Coast road trip. If they could go 2-2, it would be very good. But to do that, they need to clean up their defense and take better care of the ball. I am sure this isn’t new to the coaching staff, but for whatever reason, the players just didn’t understand the message.



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