Remaining games

I am a little calmer today. After the game last night, I want to trade the entire team and fire everybody. Today, I just want to fire the coaching staff, so that’s an improvement.

I am going to take a quick look at the remaining games. I am not going to do predictions, just do a preview.

Mar 26 vs Denver: A tough game to say the least, the good news is that Kenyon Martin and Ty Lawson probably won’t be available. The Nuggets aren’t anywhere as good if they don’t have their full lineup. They have lost 2 straight on this road trip, so tomorrow is a must win game for them. We will see if the Raptors can get off to a quick start. If they do, they will win.

Mar 28 @ Miami. The Heat is playing a lot better lately. A soft schedule helps, as is a healthy lineup. They are tough at home as well. This is obviously an important game for the Raptors; they are currently tied in their season series, the winner gets the tiebreaker.

Mar 29 @ Charlotte. Back to back games against Eastern Conference foe. The Bobcats blow them out last time they played in Charlotte. To beat the Cats, you have to be crisp and strong with the ball. They scored a lot of their points off turnovers. You can’t let them get comfortable with easy basket. They are not a good offensive team in the half court.

Mar 31 vs Clippers. Should be an easy win, but you never know with the Raps. The Clippers blew a 26 point lead against the Raps in November, I am sure they remember that.

Sat Apr 3@ Philly. When Philly can hit their 3 ball, they are tough to beat. Fortunately, they don’t do it that often. This is a game the Raps must have.

Apr 4 vs Golden States. 150-140 anyone? The Warriors are horrible on the road, very tough at home. We lose to them on the road in a pathetic performance. Revenge time. As long as they don’t turn the ball over, the Raps should prevail.

Apr 6 @ Cleveland. First Round preview? The Cavs lead the season series 2-1, but all these games were close. We will see how this goes.

April 7 vs Boston. I thought this would be a huge match up for both teams before the allstar break, but not anymore. It’s big for the Raptors, but not as important for the Celts. The Celtics are starting to jell even with KG hobbling with one leg. I still don’t see them getting past the 2nd round. The Raps have lost all 3 games against the Celtics, and a win here would be good.

Apr 9 vs Atlanta. This could be quite ugly. 3 games in 4 nights against an athletic/versatile team. Expect a blowout.

Apr 11 vs Chicago. This could be the game deciding who gets the 8th seed. The Bulls are climbing an uphill battle. The Raps already hold the tie-breaker against them, and they are currently 2 and a half games back. It’s a must win for them.

Apr 12 @ Detroit. We will see if the Pistons played with the full lineup by then. Many teams rest their top players to get more lottery balls. Lord knows the Pistons need all the help they can get. If there is a more screw up situation than the Raptors, it’s the Pistons.

Apr 14 vs Knicks. Last game of the regular season, hopefully not the last game for Chris Bosh as a Toronto Raptor. Again, we will see if the Knicks played McGrady and Harrington in their last game. They have traded away their first round pick, so tanking for ping pong balls won’t be in their agenda.

As it stands, we will probably end up being the 8th seed. That’s not good. The teams needs to get their act together now. If guys like Bargnani and Turkoglu aren’t giving 100%, they need to sit immediately. No time to F around. It’s winning time.



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  1. FAQ Says:

    Now do the same for the remainder of the Bull’s schedule and compare it to the Raps …

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