My top 5 worst moment as a Raptor fan

I was going to save this topic for another day, but in lieu of a heartbreaking lost yesterday, I am going to open this baby up.  Before doing the list, I would just like to retract that last night’s loss and as painful as it was, didn’t make it to the top 5 worst moment.   It did hurt to watch, but I didn’t feel too badly afterwards.  These following 5 moments depressed me for days/weeks/months.

5.Larry Johnson banker 3 in Game 3 playoffs vs NY Knicks 2000: It was the Raptors first home playoff game and I was there live.  The atmosphere was great and the game was close.  With 2 minutes left, the game was tied and the Raptors played great defense and force a tough 3 point shot from LJ, which was banked in.  What made it worse was that he did the LJ symbol with his arms after the shot, and the game was pretty much over after that.  They say you never forget the first time, and it’s painful to say the least.

4. Richard Jefferson intercept the pass to end the series vs the Nets, 2007.  I am kind of surprised that this one wasn’t higher on the list.  It’s probably because I wasn’t expecting the Raptors to win the game regardless.  They lose game 3 and 4 in blowout fashion, barely won game 5 but with both PGs injured.  The Raptors did come to play in game 6, and the game was close.  The Raps had a chance to win the game and they gave it away.  I was at a bar watching the game, suffice to say the night didn’t end well for me.

3. Chris Childs wild shot late fourth quarter in game 5 vs Detroit 2002: The Raptors lose the first two games of the series and then won game 3 and 4 in convincing fashion.  They have the momentum and a lead at halftime.  Trailing by 3 points and with enough time (I think it’s around 15 seconds or so), the Raptors have possession but Chris Childs took a wild and rushed 2 point shots which he has no right of taking.  He admitted that he had no idea that they were down by 3 and he had no idea how much time left in the game.  The most amazing thing about this was that they called a timeout right before this.  This ranks up there among the dumbest play in basketball history, surpassing Chris Webber’s timeout call.  I am still dumbfounded to this day.

2. Vince Carter missing the buzzer beater against Philly in 2001: Game 7, down by 1.  I don’t think I need to say much more.  This was the best Raptor team in history (sad to say), and they had a chance to knock out the best team in the East, with the best player taking the shots.  When it rimmed out, I went into deep depression.  I have no energy at work, ends up breaking up with my then girlfriend(for other reason, but this played a part), just stay home for a month (except for work).  I couldn’t watch basketball for the rest of the playoffs.  Just couldn’t.

1. Rob Babcock traded Vince Carter: Vince wanted out in the summer, and completely tanking it on the court.  It was pretty unprofessional, and hurt the trade value.  Still, we were hoping that we would either get a young player or some expiring contracts in return.  Unfortunately, we got neither.  Eric Williams/Aaron Williams/Alonzo Mourning + 2 mid first round picks.  Yep, that’s all we get for Vince.  To add insult to injury, the Raptors bought out Mourning.  This was truly the worst trade of the decade.  Even with the Pau Gasol trade, the Grizzlies received Marc Gasol.  None of the Williams can play and we used the pick to get Joey Graham.   What makes this #1 and not the others is that there is no redeeming value whatsoever.  When Vince missed the shot against the 76ers, at least there is hope that it will be better next season.  The trade left with me nothing.

I remembered I was at work when the trade happened.  My friend called me and told me about the trade.  After hearing the news, I stopped working, walk out of the building and didn’t return to work.  I didn’t care if I get fired because of this (actually, my boss didn’t even notice I left).  I am not sure how to equate this to, maybe if my girlfriend told me that she has sex with 3 other guys (not that has ever happened).  I don’t know.  I just remembered being so angry, my hands were shaking and it’s like nothing else mattered.  I cancel my season seat subscription emailing the Raptors as long as Babcock is the GM, I am not coming back.  My other friend (not the one who told me the news) who’s also a diehard fan, heard the news, immediately left town and went to Blue Harron and lose hundreds of dollars in Casino; and he didn’t care about it.  I guess people dealt with things differently.  To this day, I have heard many stories from other fans when they heard about the Carter trade.  It’s always fascinating to hear.

(Dis)Honorable mention: Babcock drafted Hoffa.  This one was more long term than short term.  It didn’t really hit me until I actually watched Hoffa playing his first game.  Whenever a draft happens, there is always hope that a player could be something special no matter how many scouts said it’s a bad idea to draft this guy.  You hope things will work out.  So that’s why it wasn’t that bad when Hoffa was drafted.  I would rather have Iguodala, but at that time, it didn’t mean as much.  I was at the draft party that night in the ACC.  and I remembered when they announced the Hoffa pick, the place went into a complete silence and then the booing started.  It was Babcock first move as a GM, and it pretty much showed that he had no idea what he’s doing.



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