Season’s over

I know we have two more game to go and I know they will be facing some horrible teams in the next two, but for me the season is over, why bother.  The Bulls outplayed the Raptors from the start and pound them into submission.  The funny thing is that I am not even mad about this, I am actually relieved to see this thing is finally over.

Certain guys put in effort today.  Say what you will about Turkoglu, he played his heart tonight.  19 boards and 9 assists.  He could get any shots to drop, but he showed up.  As expected the Raptors will be rebounded by the Bulls, but Turkoglu fought for every rebound.  Got to give him some credit here.  Of course, this will raise the question, where was he in the other 79 games?

Jack again played his heart out.  I love watching Jack played even though he really is a third guard at best, but he did everything he could to attack the Bulls.  Weems thinks he Kobe Bryant at times, shooting 23 FG attempts with no FT attempts, but he did try to attack.  Even Bargnani had his moments attacking the basket.

The problem, as it always is, defense.  The Bulls send a man to leak out and score easy baskets time after time.  This is inexcusable.  This has to be the worst defensive team in NBA history.

I am trying to think of something positive to say, but there really isn’t any.  Bosh will probably leave town (I would too), and we have to build around Bargnani (I am throwing up right now…).

I am too tired and emotionally exhausted to write anymore, maybe after the season is over, I will do something, but what a downer this is.


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