The Decision/Summer League young gunz

The Decision:

No I am not talking about LeBron’s 1 hour ego-driven disaster of a TV show last week.  I am talking about today is the day that I told my Raptor rep that I am not going to be a season ticket holder anymore.

I have made the decision months ago, but I was holding off on it for whatever reason.  Maybe I was waiting to see a miracle would happen and I win the lottery or something.  It’s not that I couldn’t afford the tickets, but it’s that I could and I would like to not stress out watching these games.  A basketball game for me is supposed to be fun, but it hasn’t been for the last couple of seasons.

I have been a season ticket holder for a long time (since 2000), haven’t missed a home playoff game ever.  I maintain, those were the most fun I ever had watching sports.  I so wished I could see it again, but it’s not to be.

Calling the rep and telling him that I am renewing it is much harder than  I thought.  In a way, I felt a little guilty.  It’s a silly reason, since I could always go to the game or buy a mini-pack.  But for some reason, it’s like abandon something that used to be part of my life, and now it’s no longer.  The rep did try to sway me saying that Sonny Weems and DeRozan are the talk of summer league (more on that later), and everyone likes each other now and we have a huge trade exception to do things.  It’s a little tempting, I really want to see the team win, watching and cheering Weems and DeRozan running and gunning.  But I have to close my eyes and say ‘No Thanks. ‘

I will still support the team.  Every game is on TV, and I will watch most of them, if not all.  I will probably get a minipack and go to those games as well.  So I am not going away as a fan, even though it feels like it.  Maybe I will be back a season ticket holder, one day.

Summer League Young Gunz:

I usually don’t pay attention to summer league.  Wins and losses means nothing and a player can look amazing in a summer league game but a total dog in the regular season (see Marco Belinelli when he was with Golden States). The game was on TV however, so I tune into watch.  Mostly to see how the Raptor young players are progressing.

DeRozan looked more confident with his handles.  He even drove to the basket with his left hand a couple of times.  Very aggressive, will go to the block against a smaller player and try a fade away or draw fouls. That’s a good sign.  Sonny Weems has attempted a couple of 3 pointers, I know he is working on the range of his jumper.  That still needs improvement.  But his handle is good and his all-around game continue to shine.  However, he still couldn’t get to the FT line.  These two guys seem to have really good court chemistry together.  I am not sure you put much stock into these things, but I don’t think it hurts that they compliment each other well.

Joey Dorsey looked like a young Reggie Evans there.  Grabbing every rebound.  He is a little undersized, but looks pretty tough.  Ed Davis is a good athlete, but really need to get stronger.  I think his future will be at center.  Salomon Alabi reminds me a little of Samuel Dalembert.  Similar body built and a good shot blocker.  Hopefully he has better work ethics than Dalembert.  He needs lots of NBDL time to polish his game.  From what I see, he runs the floor well, and doesn’t look out of place.  This is much better the Hoffa when he played his first pro game.

Again, I don’t pay attention to the stats in summer league.  The most important thing for the Raptors is the future of DeRozan, Weems, Davis and Alabi.  Like it or not, at least one or all of them will be the future of this team.  Their progress as a player will dictate how the franchise will do in the future.


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