Post Game Thought: Toronto Raptors vs Philadelphia 76ers

Two crappy teams, both on a back-end of a back to back = really ugly basketball.  As a Raptor fan, you don’t care since the Raptors win, but as a basketball fan?  Well, let’s just burn the tapes.  At one point, I thought neither team is trying to win.  It was the battle of ping pong balls…in November.


Toronto: Great game from Andrea Bargnani.  30 and 7 is  a number you take every game from Bargnani; it’s rare to see him perform so well on the second game of a back to back.  Then again, he really didn’t do much last night.  Weems also looked good, very confident with his drive and jumper.  Sonny has now scored in double digits 7 of 8 games he played.  And the one game he didn’t get the points was because he was hurt early in the game against the Lakers.  I liked Weems a lot last season, and he has really improve his game.  25 points with 18 shots; he could be the answer for the Raptors on the perimeter.  DeRozan continued his Jackal/Hyde act, not looking good at all.   Jack looked horrible; it’s one thing to miss your shots, it’s another to play keep aways with your teammates.  He couldn’t shoot, and he wasn’t giving up the rock, the offense looked horrible when he played early in the fourth quarter.  No flow at all. Jose came in, and you immediately see the difference.  Guys are getting involved, ball movements, sometimes it’s not all stats; as a PG, it’s your job to set the offense for everyone.  Anyway, the Raptors played decent defense tonight, probably embarrass from last night’s effort.  They came out of the road trip 2-2, which is as good as you are going to get.

Philadelphia: Philly shot 36% from the field against one of the worst team in defense.  It’s not even them missing open looks, it’s bad decisions.  Lots of bad shots, and bad turnovers.  This team has no flow on offense right now.  I like Jrue Holiday, but the chemistry between him and Turner isn’t too good.  Neither guy are great jump shooters, so they need the ball to be effective.  When you add Iggy to the mix, well that’s why they are 2-10 now.  They have to make a trade to get a real center in the lineup.  Hawes just isn’t the guy right now.  They do have trade assets to get a low post threat, but I am not sure what they are waiting for.  Before the season began, I thought they are a playoff team.  It’s still early, but man it’s not looking good right now.

Next game vs the Rockets at the ACC.




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