Scouting Report: Jerryd Bayless and Peja Stojakovic

Now that the trade is confirmed, here are the scouting report for Bayless and Peja.
Bayless: A very quick and athletic combo guard who can get to the basket.  Probably one of the quickest end to end player in this league.  He has very good size with potential to be a good defender in this league.  The problem is that he can’t shoot.  In order for him to stay in the NBA, he got to shoot the ball better.  Opponents just lay off him and dare him to drive.  This wouldn’t be so bad if he sees the court well, but he doesn’t.  He is young, so let’s hope he can develop.  If you are Raptor fan, having Barbosa, Bayless, Weems and DeRozan would get you a lot of isolation plays, and no passing.  It could be very ugly on offense. Bayless will be around till at least next year.

Stojakovic: At this point, Peja is the 9th or 10th man on the rotation.  He can still shoot the 3 but doesn’t do anything else.  Especially defensively where he just can’t move anymore.  Look for a lot zone defense when he is on the court.  He is still a very good shooter and they can run screens to get him open; for a team that has issues with 3 point shooting, Peja may play a role to help.  But otherwise he really can’t create a lot of shots anymore , the Raptors may be tempted to put him in a small ball lineup and have him play PF (which would not be good for defense or rebounds).    I will be shocked, if he is still around after the trade deadline.  His long range shooting is still very valuable for a contender and the Raptors will probably buy him out if he isn’t traded by then.




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