Post Game Thought: Atlanta Hawks vs Toronto Raptors

Confession: I didn’t watch the 4th quarter.  There is no point.  The Raptors looked like the team that played on the back end of a back to back games, even though it was Atlanta that played the day before in New York.  Lack of energy combine with  the Hawks very focus defense, the Raptors never have a chance.

Toronto: You could see the lack of energy early when most of their misses were off the front of the rim.  I am not sure where they went or what they did on the previous night.  The team just didn’t display any fight especially in the third quarter.  Triano kept trying different lineup combo, but nothing worked.  Jerryd Bayless showed what he can do by driving to the basket late in the game.  He has the size and quickness to do so.  I notice his jump shot doesn’t have a lot of arc in it.  It’s a line drive, usually that means it’s less consistent, and prone to streaks.  Joey Dorsey started in place of Reggie Evans and didn’t embarrass himself:  9 points and 6 boards in 19 minutes.   He is a better finisher the Reggie, but the Raptors would be wise not to run any post up play for him.  Amir Johnson committed two fouls in the first quarter and never got in a groove.  It’s so important for Amir to stay on the court, because he is the best offensive front court option right now along with Bargnani.  DeRozan and Weems combined for 21 points, the Raptors needed them both to produce a little more.  Weems could get to the line more, and DeRozan could knock down a jumper or two.  Bargnani had a tough time against Josh Smith, it’s seems like he had issues when he is guarded by a quicker and athletic front court player.  The Raps needed Bargnani to score 20+ points in order to have a shot of winning.  They just don’t have a lot of guys who can do that right now.  Overall, it’s disappointing effort on both ends.

Atlanta: I think the turning point came when Josh Smith was called with a technical.  Two years ago, Smith’s game would probably be affected in a negative manner after something like that.  But J-Smooth became even more focus and played a great all-around game.  He had Trip-Dub with 12/13/10, 3 steals and 2 block shots.  Dominating the game in both ends.  Marvin Williams had 17 points, hitting jumpers and grabbing rebounds. I think he is the Hawks’ X factor as the season goes on.  They need Marvin to play up to his potential.


Next Game: Washington Wizards and maybe John Wall.  Raptors have a couple of days off but they seem to have issues against a quick and athletic team.



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