Semi Final Prediction

Miami Heat vs Chicago Bulls

Comments: Can the Bulls’ defense stop the two best players in the league right now? I have my doubts on that. The key for the Bulls is their offense. Rose will score 30 points, but he needs help. Boozer has to win the match up against Chris Bosh. The Bulls have to dominate the boards as well. Meanwhile, the Heat needs Mike Bibby to start hitting open looks, he has been terrible so far, and if this continues, he wouldn’t be starting for long. I expect Wade to guard Rose, and hide Bibby on Bogans and Brewer. Regardless, I have a hard time seeing the Bulls winning the series.

Prediction: Heat in 6

Oklahoma City Thunder vs Dallas Mavericks

Comment: I have been very wrong on the Mavs during the playoffs. In fact, they have done the exact opposite of what I think they would do. I thought they would be swept by the Lakers, instead they swept the Lakers in a very impressive fashion. There isn’t anyone playing better basketball than Dirk right now. The Thunder has to force the other Mavs to beat them; to the Mavs’ credit they have different guys step up in each series. Jason Kidd was huge in the first two games against Portland. JJ Barea was huge against the Lakers, Jason Terry hit 9 3s and Peja was playing like he’s in 2003. Can the Mavs continue to the three like they have all thru the playoffs? They do have a lot of shooters and with all the attention given to Dirk, those guys will get a lot of open looks. The Thunder’s offense is very predictable right now, It’s Durant, Westbrook and Harden. On defense, I would put Perkins on Dirk, play him close and make him drive, Ibaka will be the help defender. Do not let Dirk hit jumpers. If he gets hot, double team him. This will be a difficult series and a long one.  The Mavs don’t have anyone who can guard Westbrook and Durant.   Home court advantage is huge here.

Prediction: Dallas in Seven.



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