Colangelo’s new contract and Raptors come up snake-eye in lottery

A very newsworthy day for the Raptors. First they announced Bryan Colangelo has agreed to a 2 year extension + a club option year. While I would rather have someone else taking a shot at running the franchise than Colangelo, I can see the reason for doing this. Since technically it’s only a 2 year extension, I can live with it.  Call me old school, but I tend to give extension to GMs who actually did a good job in previous seasons. But then again, I don’t run this franchise. Besides, it’s better to have a flaw GM than no GM at all.

Hopefully Colangelo learns his lessons and won’t saddle his team with crappy contracts like he did before. I am not optimistic about that, however.

Meanwhile, a NBA draft lottery was held earlier tonight, and the Raptors will pick 5th in the NBA draft.  Cleveland has the first and fourth pick, Minnesota the second pick and Utah #3. The #1 pick was due to the trade with the Clippers. It’s only fitting that the Clippers would not lottery protect their draft picks. Pretty amazing in this day and age. Dan Gilbert’s kid (who sounds like he is 50) ends up being the good luck charm to a sad sack team. Look for more kids next year at the lottery, it’s going to be a trend.

Back to the Raptors and the draft, 5th pick in a weak draft means horrible things. For a team that’s desperate for star players, they are not going to get any with this pick (not that there is one available). I would presume Cleveland picking Irving #1, Minny picking Williams #2, Utah will go with Kanter or Knight as #3. I don’t think Cavs will pick another PG at #4, if Kanter is available they may go with him, or else it could be Leonard. So if I have to take a guess now, the Raptors will pick Kemba Walker at the 5th pick.

Kemba can play, a combo guard who is quick, very athletic and he is not afraid to take big shots. The problem here is that he is not a PG, and not a great shooter. Also, he is listed as 6-1, but I don’t buy that for a second. Size matter in this league, sadly.

Other options: Brandon Knight, if he drops. Knight is also a combo guard, but younger. I am not sure he is NBA ready yet. He has very good size for a PG…Kawhi Leonard, a very athletic  tweener who doesn’t have the perimeter game to play SF in this league… Jan Vesely, who is a PF from Europe, not sure the Raptors need another PF…Jonas Valnciunas another Euro PF, this one with a possible big buyout… My dark horse is Alec Burks from Colorado, he has the size, speed, athleticism and handle to be a very good SG in this league. Unfortunately, he can’t shoot. If he can impress people in shooting drills during the workouts, I wouldn’t be surprise to see him move up.  The Raptors could also trade this pick but I don’t see this happening, the demand just isn’t there in a weak draft.



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